Thursday, January 24, 2008


sometimes when it's been a few days i forget how good stretching feels. i don't mean ordinary in-your-seat kind of stretching. or like the stretch that accompanies a big yawn. i mean down on the floor yoga-ish kind of stretching.

one thing i love to do is to stand up and tilt my head all the way back. then i let it hang there and breathe and let gravity pull on me. i stay there longer than i would if i were to heed the first thought of coming back up, which usually translates to about 30 seconds or so. when i come back up i get a huge head rush that fills my body with energy. sometimes it's so powerful it knocks me down (i've learned to do it near a chair so i can hang on) the feeling of it reminds me of one of those glo-sticks that fills with light when you crack it.

i'll never forget the first time i saw a glo-stick. i was just a kid, and it was a brand new invention being featured at a patent show (one of the perks of having a dad who works for the patent office) . at the time, they just came in green. my dad got us a couple samples to take home that day. we thought they were so cool.

i can't remember what happened to mine. i probably kept it in it's package. maybe forever. i did things like that...wanting to save stuff for a special occasion. (what i didn't know is that special occasions don't just show up... we have to create them.)

sometimes i'll go a while without stretching, like my tension is somehow serving me. then i remember the glo-stick, and i stop what i'm doing to stretch a bit. there's nothing quite like that feeling of being all lit up inside.

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