Sunday, January 20, 2008


If you do lack in wealth be not grieved. You have with you the wealth of contentment. You can remove every shortcoming of yours with this wealth. The discontented heart knows no peace. Every gain, no matter how big, is too small for it. From the empty branch to the leaves, from the leaves to the flowers, from the flowers to the fruits--all these are different stages of ambition.

The branch that has flowers but no fruits is discontented, but when it is reminded that there are other branches that have not even flowers, its discontentment is abated.

Yet, if it be content with what it has and wait, surely the coming of fruits is not far off.

Gulam Rue Zamin (Servant of the Earth)
"The First Rays of Dawn" Daily Devotional
January 20th, p. 8
Published by Priya Nath Metha; 1973

photo: "laura flowers" by laura

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